Dr Ben van Ommen

Executive Director of European Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGo)
TNO Nutrition and Food Research, Netherlands

Email: ben.vanommen@hgm2010.org
Webpage link:

He is head of the nutrigenomics activities at TNO Quality of Life, one of the largest independent research organisations in the area of nutrition world-wide.

His training was in biochemistry and toxicology. His PhD and early research carrier were dedicated to molecular and biochemical mechanisms in toxicology and nutrition, including the interindividual differences of genetic origin. Since 1998, his research group aims at approaching effects of nutrition and nutrition related bioactive compounds with regards to health promotion and disease prevention on a genomewide scale. In 2002, he was appointed Senior Research Fellow of the TNO organisation in the area of nutritional systems biology. Currently, he coordinates the European Nutrigenomics Organisation, an EU-funded partnership of 21 universities and research institutes in the area of nutrigenomics.




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