Dr Luis Serrano

Head, Department Structural & Computational Biology, EMBL (Germany)
ICREA Professor and Group Leader
Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona (Spain)

Email: luis.serrano@hgm2010.org
Webpage link: http://serrano.crg.es

In our group we are aiming at a quantitative understanding of biological systems to an extent that one is able to predict systemic features and with the hope to rational design and modify their behaviour.  This applies to any system comprising biological components that is more than the mere sum of its components, or, in other words, the addition of the individual components results in systemic properties that could not be predicted by considering the components individually.  By achieving this objective we are aiming at new global understanding and treatment of human diseases in which the target will not be a single molecule but a network.  For this purpose in our group we develop on one hand new software and theoretical approximations to understand complex systems and on the other we do experiments to validate our predictions.



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