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Scientists, Investigators and Bioinformaticians with a focus in genomics, genetics, medical genomics research, computational biology, system biology and pharmacogenomics   Government officials, policy makers from Health Ministries or departments involved in new technologies & policies in human genome sequencing, personalized sequencing, personalized medicine
Clinicians, medical doctors, physicians interested and/or involved in genomic and genetics studies and its clinical application   Researchers interested in sequencing research, technologies, drug discoveries
Academia in human genetic and genomic research   Bio-ethicists, sociologists, anthropologists
Biotech companies(sequencing, consumable & imaging) and pharmaceutical companies   Scientific journalists and editors in human genetic and genomic
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Standard Registration Rate : €520   Entrance to all sessions from 18-21 May 2010*
HUGO Member Registration Rate: €420   Conference Materials
Student Pass Registration Rate (exclusive of Cocktail & Conference Dinner): €140      
Single Day Pass Rate (exclusive of Cocktail & Conference Dinner): €180      
Additional Cocktail & Conference Dinner Ticket: €150      
  All fees are excluding VAT 19.6%      

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