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21 May 2010 (Friday)
8.30 AM - 10.25 AM Pathways Networks and System Biology
Chaired by Gerardo Jimenez-Sanchez / Laurent Journot
Venue: Salle Pasteur
8.30 AM - 10.25 AM Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics
Chaired by Jean-Louis Gueant / Samir K Brahmachari
Venue: Salle Einstein
  Hiroki R Ueda
Systems Biology of Mammalian Circadian Clocks
  Susan E Ozanne
Mechanisms linking poor early nutrition and later risk of type 2 diabetes
Eran Segal
Transcriptional Lego: Predictable control of gene expression by manipulating promoter building blocks
Harris A Lewin
Nutrition: Will livestock Lead the way?
9.30 AM - 9.45 AM Tea Break
  Luis Serrano
Systems biology analysis of the EGF MAPK pathway: From structures to data integration
  Jean-Christophe Glaszmann
Genomics for food improvement
10.25 AM - 10.30 AM Room Change
10.30 AM - 12.00 NN
Cancer Genomics II
Chaired by Wei Chia-Lin / Albertina de Sario
Venue: Salle Pasteur
Genome Variation in Disease II
Chaired by Y T Chen / Valere Cacheux-Rataboul
Venue: Salle Einstein
Epigenetics and microRNA-mediated gene regulation
Chaired by Lim Bing / Jean-Marie Blanchard
Venue: Sully 1
Structural Variations and Chromosomal Aberrations
Chaired by Lawrence Stanton / Richard Redon
Venue: Sully 2
Functional Genomics
Chaired by Samir K Brahmachari / Alain Bucheton
Venue: Sully 3
12.00 NN - 1.30 PM
Lunch Illumina
Venue: Sully 1
Poster Session 3
Venue: Berlioz Foyer
1.30 PM - 5.15 PM HUGO Forum - Sequencing Futures: Sequencing Technologies Now and the Future -
Chaired by Herve Thoreau / Wei Chia-Lin
Venue: Salle Pasteur
  Radoje Drmanac
The path to affordable human genome sequencing for large-scale studies of genetic diseases
Nathaniel Pearson
Deciphering the oracle's words: Analysis tools for human whole genomes and exomes
Marcus Droege
Re-sequencing of the human genome using the 454 Genome Sequencer systems FLX & Junior
Tea Break
Patrice M Milos
An unbiased, quantitative view of genome biology only possible with Helicos Single Molecule Sequencing
Francisco M De La Vega
The road to 99.999% accuracy single molecule sequencing
Stephen Turner
Applications of SMRT™ sequencing outside the performance envelope of first and second generation sequencing
Mostafa Ronaghi
Current and future outlook of genomic technologies
5.15 PM - 5.30 PM Closing Ceremony (Springer Poster Awards, Springer Nomenclature Awards and Announcement of future HGM)
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