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20 May 2010 (Thursday)
8.30 AM - 10.45 AM Human Genome Variation in Evolution and Disease
Chaired by Stylianos E Antonarakis / Richard Cotton
Venue: Salle Pasteur
  Mark McCarthy
Type 2 diabetes: Susceptibility variants across the allele frequency spectrum
Stephen W Scherer
Clinical context of copy number and structural variation in the human genome
9.50 AM - 10.05 AM Tea Break
  Felix Jin Li
Identification of copy number variation hotspots in human populations
10.45 AM - 11.25 AM Ng Huck Hui (Chen Award Lecture)
Deciphering and reconstructing the embryonic stem cell transcriptional regulatory network
11.25 AM - 12.55 PM
Lunch and Exhibition Roche
Venue: Sully 1
Agilent Technologies
Venue: Sully 2
President's Luncheon
(by Invitation Only)
Poster Session 2
Venue: Berlioz Foyer
Archon Genomics XPRIZE
Larry Kedes (Featured Talk)
Swifter, Lower, Stronger: the $10 Million Olympic Medal for Next Generation Sequencing
Venue: Salle Pasteur
12.55 PM - 2.55 PM
Cancer Genomics I
Chaired by Philippe Broet / Bernard Klein
Venue: Salle Pasteur
Evolutionary Genomics
Chaired by Harris A Lewis / Christian Hamel
Venue: Salle Einstein
Genetics of Health and Disorder
Chaired by Stephen W Scherer / Veronica Van Heyningen
Venue: Sully 1
Genomic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics
Chaired by Lance Miller / Marc Delpech
Venue: Sully 2
Genetics and Genomics in Developing Countries
Chaired by Dhavendra Kumar / Michele Ramsay
Venue: Sully 3
2.55 PM - 3.00 PM Room Change
3.00 PM - 5.15 PM Quantitative Genomics (GWAS, QTL, Expression cassettes)
Chaired by Martin Vingron / Yoshihide Hayashizaki
Venue: Salle Pasteur
3.00 PM - 5.15 PM Next Generation Sequencing - 1000 Genome Project and Beyond
Chaired by Ruan Yijun
Venue: Salle Einstein
  Emmanouil Dermitzakis
Cellular genetics and genomics
  Henry Yang Huanming
Human Genomics - From HGP to 1000 genomes and beyond
Frank Johannes
Complex trait dynamics following epigenomic perturbation
Ruan Yijun
Chromatin Interaction and Transcription Regulation
Augustine Kong
Some thoughts on genetics studies in the near future
Gilean McVean
The landscape of human genetic variation as viewed from the 1000 Genomes Project
4.30 PM - 4.45 PM Tea Break 5.00 PM - 5.15 PM Tea Break
  Martin Vingron
Transcription factor binding site analysis and histone modifications point at two classes of promoters
5.15 PM - 5.20 PM Room Change
5.20 PM - 6.00 PM Manel Esteller (Featured Talk)
Cancer Epigenetics: From DNA methylation to microRNAs
6.00 PM End of Day
6.30 PM - 7.00 PM Transfer to Dinner Venue
7.00 PM - 9. 00PM Conference Dinner
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