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19 May 2010 (Wednesday)
8.30 AM - 10.55 AM Biobanking
Chaired by Anthony Brookes / Richard Cotton
Venue: Salle Pasteur
8.30 AM - 10.55 AM  Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics
Chaired by Todd Taylor / Martin Hibberd
Venue: Salle Einstein
  Bartha Maria Knoppers
The Public Population Project in Genomics : An "Ethical" Proof of Concept
  Martin Hibberd 
Dengue virus genomics, a window into evolution, virulence and transmission patterns
David B Goldstein
Rare and common variants in human disease
Peer Bork 
Comparative (meta) genomics: Lessons from a tiny bacterium and a complex microbial community
09.40 AM - 09.55 AM Tea Break 9.30 AM - 9.45 AM Tea Break
  David Cox 
Advancing biobanking through public-private collaboration
  Stanislav Dusko Ehrlich
Characterization of the human "other" genome by the MetaHIT Consortium
Jennifer Harris
Biobank harmonization for health
Edward Rubin
Assembly of genes and genomes from bio-mass degrading cow rumen
10.55 AM - 11.00 AM Room Change
11.00 AM - 11.40 AM Charles N Rotimi (Featured Talk)
Genetic diversity and health: Opportunities and challenges presented by African genomes
11.40 AM - 1.10 PM
Lunch & Exhibition Life Technologies
Venue: Sully 1
Venue: Sully 2
HUGO Council Meeting
(by Invitation Only)
Venue: Louisville
Poster Session 1
Venue: Berlioz Foyer
1.10 PM - 3.10 PM
Computational Biology, Computational Genomics
Chaired by Doron Lancet / John de Vos
Venue: Salle Pasteur
Genetic and Genomic Databases
Chaired by Yoshiyuki Sakaki / Marie-Paule LeFranc
Venue: Salle Einstein
Genomics , Ethics, Law & Society
Chaired by Ruth Chadwick / Benjamin Capps
Venue: Sully 1
Genome Variation in Disease 1
Chaired by Christian Jorgensen / Elspeth Bruford
Venue: Sully 2
Genome Variation in Evolution
Chaired by Martin Hibberd / Agnes Rotig
Venue: Sully 3
3.10 PM - 3.15 PM Room Change
3.15 PM - 4.35 PM An Expanding RNA World
Chaired by Julian Venables / Sumio Sugano
Venue: Salle Pasteur
  Gil Ast
Importance of alternative splicing in transcriptomic diversity and disease
Yoshihide Hayashizaki
Transcriptome analysis — A way to illuminate the genome network
4.35 PM - 4.50 PM Tea Break
4.50 PM - 6.10 PM Gene Expression and Human Variation
Chaired by Edison T Liu / Doron Lancet
Venue: Salle Pasteur
  Michael Snyder
Transcription binding variation in eucaryotes
Howard McLeod
Using the genome to guide therapy
6.10 PM End of Day 
6.30 PM - 8.00 PM
Free and Easy HUGO Ethics Committee Meeting
(by Invitation Only)
PASNP Phase II Planning Meeting
(by Invitation Only)
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