Next Generation
Genomics and Medicine
18 - 21 May 2010

Next generation sequencing and genotyping coupled with computational advances have allowed the comprehensive and precise investigation of complex biological systems.

Such advances have provided new insights in biology and new understandings of human disease. The complex and massive datasets require new systems approaches to data analysis and open up the possibility of synthetic reconstructions of biological systems.

The HGM 2010 will explore the interface between these next generation technologies and human biology and pathophysiology. The focus will be on the integration of biology, computational sciences, and genomic technologies towards resolving complex biological and medical questions.

We will discuss the necessary processes such as biobanking that will enable this integration. The impact of this science on ethics and society, and on the aspirations of emerging countries will also be explored.

Genomics and the Bioeconomy
Special Joint HUGO and OECD Conference
17 May 2010

One of the greatest promises of biosciences today is for the harnessing of living processes for human health, for bioenergy, for environmental remediation, and for food production. The basis of this promise is the prospect of unlocking all information in the genomes of living creatures.

This, coupled with the ability to experimentally and computationally decipher the function of all genes and to control their complex interactions on a genome scale place solutions to difficult problems within our grasp.

The breadth and power of these genomic approaches now become tools for value creation that can be spun into economic benefit. The uniqueness of these genomic technologies is that they are modular and can be established with relative facility. Moreover, the value is in the data that can be distributed for analysis.

In this special symposium, HUGO and the OECD are partnering to discuss the impact of genomics on the bioeconomy. Our discussion will be the basis of an analytical paper that will inform policy makers on the unique opportunities in genomics for national development.


Confirmed Speakers:

  • Human Genome Variation in Evolution and Disease
  • An Expanding RNA World
  • Epigenetics in Development and Human Disease
  • Synthethic and Systems Genomics
Special Forum
  • Sequencing Futures: Sequencing Technologies Now and the Future
  • Quantitative Genomics
    (GWAS, QTL, Expression cassettes)
  • Pathways Networks and System Biology
  • Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics
  • Next Generation Sequencing – 1000 Genome Project and Beyond
  • Metagenomics and Microbial Genomics
  • Biobanking
  • Botanicals and their use treating addictions. (Kratom Powders & Extracts.)
  • Cancer Genomics
  • Genomics, Ethics, Law & Society
  • Gene Therapy and Treatment of Genetic Disorders
  • Genetic and Genomic Databases: Strategies and Applications
  • Genetics of Neurosensory Disorders
  • Genomic Medicine: Translating Genomics into the Clinics
  • Computational Biology, Computational Genomics
  • miRNAs in Biology and Disease
  • Repetitive DNA
  • Epigenetics and Epigenomics
  • Structural Variations and Chromosomal Aberrations
  • Mitochondrial Genomics
  • Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics
  • Genetics and Genomics in Developing Countries: Genetic
  • Exploitation and Genetics Pride
  • Genetics and Genomics of Animal Models
  • A rich scientific environment
  • 3 poles: Life Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies, Environment
  • A centre of excellence in Genetics and Genomics
  • Oldest faculty of medicine in the western world in terms of activity
  • A modern “technopolis”
    - Amongst the six winning universities
    - Fourth largest university hospital
    complex with 9,000 employees
    - 11% of the working population dedicated
    to research
    - Ranked fourth in France for education
    and research
    - 200 laboratories with over 70, 000 students


I wish to invite you to the 14th HGM meeting to be held in Montpellier, France on May 18-21, 2010. The focus of this meeting is next generation technologies and its impact on genomic biology and genomic medicine. RNA biology and epigenomics will be prominently featured as well as the medical implications of human variation. We are very pleased to have excellent speakers at this remarkable venue. The Human Genome Organization has experienced a wonderful resurgence as a scientific organization directed towards two major goals: to foster the integration of genomic sciences in biology and medicine, and to enhance the genomic capabilities of emerging scientific nations. Our HGM 2009 conference in Hyderbad, India focused on the second goal, and we return to Europe, to Montpellier, to focus on the first goal. An important associated symposium is occurring May 17th at the Le Corum conference site. HUGO and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ) have joined forces to have a satellite symposium on Genomics and the Bioeconomy. We will be specifically discussing how genomic sciences may be the fundamental driver of economic development and sustainability.

The topic, the speakers, the venue all converge to make this a memorable meeting. I look forward to seeing you there.

Edison T. Liu
HUGO President

A Warm Welcome to Montpellier!

We are delighted to organise, on behalf of the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO), the next HGM meeting in Montpellier in May 2010.

We aim to bring together senior and junior investigators, postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers and the most famous world experts in genomics and in genetics to share basic and translational research as well as educational and social issues.

Mireille Claustres
Chair, HGM2010


List of Committee :

  • Andy Futreal (UK)
  • Anthony Brookes (UK)
  • Aravinda Chakravarti (USA)
  • Chen Y T (Taiwan)
  • David Cox (USA)
  • Doron Lancet (Israel)
  • Edison Liu (President HUGO) (Singapore)
  • Elspeth Bruford (UK)
  • Elza Khusnutdinova (Russia)
  • Gerardo Jimenez-Sanchez (Mexico)
  • Goncalo Abecasis (USA)
  • Hans-Hilger Ropers (Germany)
  • Howard Cann (France)
  • Jean-Jacques Cassiman(France)
  • Jean-Louis Mandel (France)
  • Kwok Pui-Yan (USA)
  • Mark McCarthy (UK)
  • Nicholas J. Schork (USA)
  • Philippe Froguel (UK)
  • Richard Gibbs (USA)
  • Stylianos Antonarakis (Switzerland)
  • Takashi Gojobori (Japan)
  • Tim Aitman (UK)
  • Todd Taylor (Japan)
  • Tom Hudson (Canada)
  • Veronica van Heyningen (UK)
  • Xavier Estivill (Spain)
  • Yang Huanming (China)

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